Celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Imagine walking the streets of New Orleans on the day of Mardi Gras. You can hear the soulful music that entices your feet to tap and your body to dance. The cheery crowd surrounds you, the atmosphere is electric. Everyone has only one thing on their mind: celebrating! Celebrating life, celebrating the culture, celebrating the people. The whole city of New Orleans is alive for Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” if you’ve studied some French. Generally, this event is celebrated on the last day before Ash Wednesday. Every year, it happens around February before the first day of Lent.


Enjoy All The Attractions Of This Town

This is one of the most touristic season for Louisiana with visitors from all over the world flocking to experience the carnival season. If you’re in town, make sure you catch the most popular parades such as Bacchus, Rex, Zulu and Endymion. They might sound like they’re straight from a Star Trek episode but you won’t regret witnessing the celebration in the streets. Make sure while you visit New Orleans that you discover its local cuisine, music and talent.

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Marching Band

The History of Mardi Gras

Mardis Gras was originally celebrated through Europe in the medieval times from France to Rome and Venice as early as the 17th century. The French explorers brought the custom to the new state of Louisiana. The first celebration of the festival in the early 1730s did not resemble the street parades we know and love today. It looked more like elegant high-society ball where the elites would dress up in fancy costumes.  The first daytime parade was introduced in 1872 when a clan of rich businessmen financed the event where all citizens were invited to attend. They called it “the greatest free show on earth”

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