The State of Gambling in Louisiana

All around the world, Louisiana is known for its famous riverboat casinos. Ask any tourists, they will tell you how you need to experience gambling on a boat, it’s a must! Did you know that Louisiana was only the fourth state in the United States to approve the use of riverboat for gambling purposes? Indeed, only 15 boats are allowed to operate state wide. That way you won’t see any boat owners getting ideas of creating a casino of their own. Due to many regulations, those river boat casinos rarely set sails off the docks so don’t expect some aquatic creatures sightseeing because what you’ll probably see is the flashing lights of slot machines. These boats don’t close, you can enjoy playing at the games 24/7. Those casino boats will generally include a restaurant and a bar so you don’t have to leave the premise to fill your belly.


Gambling Boat

The Many Gambling Options in Louisiana


In Louisiana, you can also find a few First Nations owned land-based casinos with slot machines and video poker. Generally you will find a restaurant or two inside the casino, that way you don’t have to leave the premise to get something to eat. Don’t be surprised to find a bar there as well, gambling and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly. Louisiana truly deserves its party state status, what happens in Louisiana stays in Louisiana. Although you have to be careful with your winnings, for any jackpot won of over $1,200, the casino will withhold 6% to pay the taxes on gambling revenues.


Roulette Table

Playing at Online Casinos

Gambling regulations are actually pretty strict in Louisiana so make sure to familiarise yourself with the law before gambling. You have to be over 21 to enter a casino with a bar and your options are limited if you want to play online. Online players from all over the world have the option to gamble online with their phone or tablet with famous casino applications. Zodiac Casino Mobile is a popular casino app from Casino Rewards. You can learn more here at or try Golden Tiger Casino

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